Hi my name is Joe Holmes and I am a climbing coach living in Cardiff. I started climbing at the age of 8 and since then I’ve been hooked. At the beginning my passion was focused around climbing for myself, I enjoyed pushing my body to the limits to get myself to the top of lots of climbs. As I get older the passion still remains theres nothing like fighting a one on one battle with the rock. When I got to the age of 16 I found that I loved to get more people in to the world of climbing as an Instructor at Boulders UK. I count myself very lucky to have this opportunity as it help me to find something that I was more passionate for than actually climbing and that is to coach climbing. Improving performance in others is something I find extremely rewarding, this tided with my love of all sports pointed me towards doing a degree in sport. The degree I choose was sports performance analysis at Cardiff Metropolitan University and my studies have lead me to take an analytical approach to the way in which I coach. I am currently working as one of the coaches with the Boulders academy and also as an analyst with the Cardiff Met Hockey teams. My hope is that this website gives you an insight into my travels as a performance analyst through The Climbing Analyst blog and in to the big world of Joe with my personal blog. Lots of it will be climbing based but I will try my best to add other bits in there, but its hard as I just love climbing. I also offer private climbing coaching so if you are interested please get in touch and we will sort some thing out.