New Job

What a crazy couple of weeks. After my last blog a lot has changed. I have got a new job. A job that I really converted whilst I was studying for my undergrad. It is the job of my uni dreams. So to start in late September I had an interview at Cardiff Metropolitan university for the role of senior technician for performance analysis. This process was really nerve racking and I felt so honoured to get an interview. I had hoped that I had showed my ability over the two years I had worked closely with the staff in the department. I knew however, that I would have to really use the experience I had gained and shine out in front of the other candidates. I still surprised but hey I got the job. I said by to infinity and hello to working at the university. I finished at infinity 4 days after and then the next day I was at the university.

How crazy my life flip in a short period of time. I had to completely change my wardrobe. The scruffy climber look was not going to wash really was it. From only owning one pair of smart trousers I know own four. I can tell you know it was one manic morning of shopping before I started.

If you were to ask me what I do it’s pretty hard to explain. I do a lot of things, I predominantly offer technical support to the performance analysis staff and the equipment in the department. I source new equipment and ensure that every thing else is in good working order.

I spend lots of time sending emails to external suppliers like Analysis pro. Big shout out the support I’ve got from Jon and Josh has really pushed me to where I am. Also I have total respect to them as well, as my emails are always returned rapidly. It is a pleasure working with you guy’s.

The rest of my time is spent supporting students and staff with any performance analysis issues they may have. Boyo these can range from anything. I mean anything, which I love it keeps me on my toes, and keeps me constantly thinking. It can be anything from how do I make Nac sport do this or how do I put an image in excel.

One of my favourite things about the job is that I am constantly being pushed to do more. It really echoes the experience I found through out uni. I was always pushed to learn and increase my knowledge. My ability to by in to this mentality clearly played a part, as the people that instilled this attitude in me then selected me to be there college.

I am deeply grateful for every one who has been part of my journey. I could go through and list a number of people but that would make for a role call and I would be petrified that I would leave someone out. To all you wonderful people thank you. Now as I work in an education provision my goal is to ensure that I am as passionate and positive about helping others learn and grow as you guys where to me.

Thank you