Set your goals

After last year where my major goals where easy to set, this year I have found it a bit more difficulty working out what my goals are for several reasons. All of them for good reasons, last year I wanted to finish my degree and get a job in Performance Analysis. I completed both not only did I finish my degree I got the job I dreamed of. This left me with a scary premise I had fulfilled my dreams anyone who has been in my position will know this is worse than not completing a goal. 

My reason for thinking this is if you don’t quite reach your dream you can regroup and go again. Once you have completed your dream then where do you go next. How do you stay driven to keep going? My answer is dream bigger, dream better. 

So, what does this mean for me know. Well the end dream is not quite clear yet but the concept of what I’m dreaming about is there. Now I am working in the university I am driven to help students learn as well as I can. This in my head takes a two-prong approach, firstly students who come to Cardiff Met I need to ensure that they have all the tools they need to empower themselves to learn and be the next level of performance analysts. The second prong involves ensuring that the teaching and learning that I help facilitate, is supported by research. To do this I want to look at the important issues that affect the process of performance analysis and how we facilitate the learning of analysts to deal with the issues that are uncovered. 

On a personal level, I have taken a deep look at what I want to achieve this year. I took a quick flick back in the memory banks to look at Important factor in goal setting and I remembered a few quick terms. Goals need to be realistic and achievable, they also need to be stretchy i.e. they need a couple of layers. For me I read this as I need to also insure I challenge myself. This year however, many of my goals are aimed to ensure I am going to enjoy myself. The work play balance went the wrong way last year the addition of a more stabled hour job means there is opportunity to have fun more.

2017’s Goals

  • Improve Film making and time lapse skills (Do one a month, Learn to fly a drone, Make an epic Film)
  • Climb More (Climb at least one a week, Climb 50 HVS, Go on a climbing trip)
  • Cycle More (Cycle once a month, Complete a 100 miler)
  • Van Life (Finish the Van, Go on Van Holidays)
  • Play a full 18 holes of Golf
  • Go snowboarding
  • Improve Qualifications (Finish Development Coach, Complete SPA Training, Start ML)
  • Write 12 Blogs

Ok not wild but achievable. The three points to sum are the stretch part of the goal. 

Why make them public?

Well the reason I like to tell people about my goals is that it makes me accountable. It is the old new year’s resolution, there great but how quickly do we forget about them, it’s too easy. Here I’ve nailed my colours to the mast, there here for everyone to see. One other thing I would like to do is write updates about how I am getting on. I think that is probably the most important bit for me about these blogs. The promote me to reflect openly and critically, this is something that I feel makes my learning purposeful and links with my mentality towards coaching and to learning. 

Well there we go, that’s what I want to do this year. It’s going to be wicked, here’s to a wicked 2017.