Travel day

Today we left Cardiff. We left around 12.30 car loaded up and left. We manged to travel the sum total of about 5 mins before we stopped for lunch.

Then we were off properly. The car is literally jam packed full of stuff thank goodness we’ve got a pick up truck. We have stuffed three bouldering pads in the back with all are stuff for 8 days.

One thing that I’m finding tough is staying psyched after 4 hours of travel tomorrow but to be honest I am pretty excited though I know that as soon as we get there. We will get out of the car don the mats and the psyc will be easy to find.

Tonight were in a Holiday Inn in Ashford, Kent. It’s quite weird actually when we last came to Kent so I could take part in a four by four driving experiance, we stayed in the same hotel. Ok yes that’s not that weird but the fact were in exactly the same hotel room that’s abit odd.

It’s cool we’re all tucked up in bed ready for an early start in the morning. Tomorrow’s going to be a good day. Dad informed me there’s wifi at the campsite were staying at so I will try and post our progress throughout are trip.

See you soon